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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Confrontation of Caricatures

[If people are] forced to write big checks to Aetna or Blue Cross that they previously had decided they couldn't or didn't want to write [it] looks like the worst caricature of liberals: taking people's money against their will, saying it's for their own good.

And it's actually a Democratic President and Congress (admittedly, held hostage to its worst corporate-militarists due to irresponsible monolithic Republican obstructionism) that has managed to make generations of hysterical lies about the tyranny and elitism of New Deal progressivism into a twisted kind of truth at last -- with a military-industrial-media complex in the Big Brother drag, but that's hardly something Repugs are going to italicize. Even more deliriously in thrall to Big Bads of the corporate-military-christianist varieties than all but the worst Democrats, nevertheless Movement Republicans may well ride this idiocy back into power, tax-n-spend-lie-brul-leet-faggotry scripts forever at the ready, and this despite their own implosion into what would otherwise be a fatal caricature of a neo-Confederate rump.

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