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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sunday Walk And Brunch

Beautiful out, but a bit subdued in the aftermath of a rough week wrestling with a bug in my head and stomach... Buying new earplugs at the Piedmont Avenue CVS after brunch I scooped up a chocolate Easter Bunny from the shelf and found that the pleasure of biting off the hollow head is quite as fun as I remembered from the last time I did it, probably well over ten years ago. Definitely will not be waiting another ten years to repeat that purest of pleasures... Last month of Spring term is upon us by now, and things will soon get a bit wild with deadlines and cancellations and end-of-term workshopping and presentations. Just a couple more lectures, then the lunacy of final grading, then we're off to summer intensives at Berkeley again for a bit. Adjunct life on the habitrail wheel.

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