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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Good Labour Rhet

Wish Labour was more consistently anti-Brexit, but won't quibble when their ads are this effectively educational. Also wish business school undergrads (if they must exist) watched this and skipped the libertopian macroeconomic miseducations they receive too often instead.


jollyspaniard said...

Labour is saddled with a poor leader, largely due to Facebook. But the Shadow Chancellor is brilliant as are many within the party outside of Corbyns clique.

Corbyn and his prevarications on Brexit have turned into a big problem for Labour. They should be cleaning up but they are losing ground. England had local elections a week ago and Labour lost 77 council seats. Anti Brexit parties made huge gains.

Right and Left doesn't mean much at the moment in England. It's all about Brexit.

The country is divided not just by Leave/Remain but by those who believe the referendum changed everything and those that don't. England is a surreal place at the moment. You can't tell if they are going to muddle through or come apart at the seams.

Brexit is a perfect storm.

The UK has a lot of lefty parties now. Change UK, Lib Dems, Greens, Scottish National party and Plaid Cymru (Welsh). All of them have a clearer stance on Brexit than Corbyns unicorn chasing prevarications. Corbyn is saying that the EU would offer the UK a unicorn Brexit if he as PM. Not much different to what the far right leaders are saying.

Dale Carrico said...

What a catastrophe, reading Charlie Stross keeps my hair on fire on all things Brexit these days, the pathway for muddling through no longer seems legible to me (as our own pathway looks to be teetering on the same brink).

jollyspaniard said...

It's looking increasingly like the UK has Taken One For The Team. The post-truth, far right politics driving Brexit have lost a lot of cachet across the continent because of the UK's example. Brexit is making all of Europe greener.

Dale Carrico said...

From your keyboard fingers to the goddess' ears!