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Friday, April 26, 2019

Insomniac Attack!

Teaching Foucault and Angela Davis on prisons and prison abolition again today, such a crucial pairing at any time, but the timing of the lecture co-incides fortuitously with the unusual vitality of felon franchise and abolition discussions on social media and elsewhere right now. Such important work, I'm wishing I weren't caught up in one of my periods of chronic insomnia again. I'll be lecturing on about three hours sleep today, the night before was four hours and the night before that was five. Occasionally stress, stagefright, background noise and bad habits align ruinously to bring me back to sleeplessness. I actually went into therapy a few months last year to address an especially terrible bout. Fortunately, the strategies I learned then remain mostly effective if I make sustained efforts, so I'm not really panicking about all this. I'm sure sleep will resume soon enough. For now, it rather sucks. And end of term isn't exactly the best imaginable timing for this, but there it is.

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