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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sounds About Right...

Given that Biden is the candidate I'm least excited about I suppose there is a certain inevitability about his eventual nomination. I'm still liking Elizabeth Warren best, still paying attention to Kamala Harris (Barbara Lee's endorsement isn't something to sneeze at in my book), still open to finding Beto or Booker interesting if they manage to change course in time, still utterly unimpressed with Bernie (only his fauxvolutionary noise brigade online are worse). Sure, I'll vote for any of them over the Business School Nazi Dumbass, that should go without saying. But I will not vote for Joe Biden (or Bernie or Beto for that matter, for now) with anything remotely like joy. Given the realities of our politics and our moment, joylessness in voting is probably not the worst thing -- we should find our political joy in fighting for enlightenment creation and change at a level partisan politics and voting (however necessary, however compromised) is rarely capable of conceiving let alone managing on its own.

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