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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sunday Walk

Chilly but at last a sunny Sunday after over a month of rainy days and workaday weeds kept postponing our cherished long walks... Said hello to our friends at our favorite diner on Piedmont Avenue, then roved across Mountain View cemetery for the first time in weeks. Everything is lush and green after all the rain, but you have to look a little to find the blooms, tiny fuzzy in shades of blue and lavender and purple especially. There is a row of plum trees along a path near the hill of massive stone monuments we call Numenor (better known as Millionaire's Row) where the year's first pink blossoms usually appear in profusion like a shower of petals and, indeed, just as we hoped you could see the first buds popping up like a spray of stars. In a couple of weeks it will be a showcase -- and then we are just a couple of weeks from the tulip festival, then Morecom will explode with roses, then the red bougainvillea will stuff the leafy boughs with flames and then Spring Break is upon us...

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