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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Harris Is The Frontrunner

via the generally-vile Politico:
Dolores Huerta, the iconic labor and civil rights leader who co-founded what became the United Farm Workers, is endorsing Sen. Kamala Harris for president... Huerta, who started the National Farmworkers Association alongside the late Cesar Chavez, is also signing onto Harris’ campaign as a California co-chair, joining Rep. Barbara Lee, a former Congressional Black Caucus chair, who endorsed Harris on Wednesday.
Gosh, Kamala Harris really is lining up some significant early endorsements. This suggests organizational strengths that will matter mightily soon enough. I also understand that since her campaign rollout she has been polling third behind the male pale stale Biden and Bernie (who have obvious name-recognition advantages this early out -- a billion billion local goddesses, I beg you, please, prevent their nomination!) while, interestingly, neither Elizabeth Warren nor Kirsten Gillibrand seems to have moved the needle much with their own rollouts. We'll see what, if anything, that portends. Harris is shaping up to be the frontrunner as far as I can see. That worries and encourages me in about equal measure, to be honest, and memories of HRC remain, to say the least, raw as a sawblade. As I said when I read Barbara Lee's endorsement, I'm intrigued by Harris's professionalism early out but not yet ready to commit to any of the candidates myself. I still like Warren and Brown quite well, I find Booker more than usually charismatic whatever my quibbles with him, and Beto is a real question mark for me and I am quite open to hearing his answers. Yeah, I'd hold my nose and vote for Biden or Bernie if it came, somehow, unaccountably, to that truly yucky eventuality.


Lorraine said...

I've pretty much already given up hope of 2020 being the grand ah-whoom, or pendulum swing equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to what happened to American politics (and also public opinion, really) in 1980. 1932 to 1980 is 48 years, so perhaps 2028 will be the beginning of lefty progressivism in the driver's seat, conservative (hopefully an epithet, the c-word) to be on the defensive for a generation or more, etc.

If I had an IRV ballot and the candidates were Harris, Biden and Sanders, my ranking would be Sanders, Harris, Biden. Biden seems to be the clear favorite of the media, which is no surprise at all to me, as their project for the last half century has been the repeat-until-true meme "America is a center-right nation." You seem to have observed an upswell of Harris support among likely superdelegates, which may mean the primary season is already effectively over. I assume their agenda again is presenting a united front to neutralize the left faction of the party as early in the game as possible.

As usual, my primary vote will be a vote against the DLC and my general election vote will be a vote against the GOP. I'm still not ready to accept the idea that trying to influence the Democratic Party leftward necessarily weakens our party. Surely there must be some kind of light at the end of the tunnel (hellhole) that is "center-right America."

Dale Carrico said...

Many good points.