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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Teaching Day

Today in the City in my graduate Biopunk seminar we'll be talking about the first three chapters of Bruce Sterling's novel Holy Fire. Each of the chapters has its own thematic and narrative integrity and the whole novel is a bit of a picaresque, a string of jewel-like novellas. There will also be a couple of Presentations, of Genesis and Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge and also of Zhang Xiaogang. The pairing (or tripling) is really odd, and so I'm hoping it will be provocative and fun. I love the way these student presentations derange my plans and get everybody excited and engaged in ways that aren't in my control. Usually I just want to lecture every minute I can at an unnaturally high speed right up until the next class demands the room.


Chad Lott said...

I finally got to see Genesis a little over a year ago. Have you ever read or if so, thought about teaching, Thee Psychic Bible?

Dale Carrico said...

Psychick, isn't it? Bit of a Solanas vibe there. I haven't taught it but I wouldn't put anything past me. Hell I've tempted to teach Jodorowsky's book on the Tarot. Have contemplated turning out the lights playing Throbbing Gristle and calling that a lecture on certain bad days, I'll admit. I should probably be stopped.