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Saturday, February 13, 2016

When Shit Gets Real Hillary Benefits

Things that happened the moment we knew Scalia had died:
[1] The idiotic pretense of privileged folks on the left that the politics of purity cabaret trump the politics of pragmatic considerations vanished instantly. Hillary benefits.

[2] The grotesque lie of the Bernie-or-Bust brigade that "Both Parties Are The Same Anyway" so who cares if we risk unelectability by championing our unvetted paladin, the short-tempered petulant disheveled superannuated avowed socialist from a white homogeneous postage stamp of a state was instantly exposed. Hillary benefits.

[3] The immediate, ugly, and outrageous GOP obstruction of President Obama will offend every liberal and progressive so much that all the Obama bashing that Bernie supporters engage in, insinuate, or tolerate will no longer get any kind of pass.  Hillary benefits.
That a man who delighted in using his considerable power to make life much harder for innocent vulnerable people -- including queers like me -- has died, and that his evil dies with him, also happened, but I am assuming that this goes without saying for the readership of this blog. All of us benefit.


jimf said...
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Dale Carrico said...

Ugh! I just clicked the wrong button and memory-holed your perfectly innocuous and congenial comment, Jim! Sorry -- my fault!

jimf said...

Dale wrote:

> I just clicked the wrong button and memory-holed your
> perfectly innocuous and congenial comment. . .

It was

> . . .that his evil dies with him, also happened. . .

It generated gravity waves, too, so they say.

I think the original comment must've been swallowed
by one o' them black holes I've heard tell of.


Lorraine said...

The media establishment seems to be of the opinion that this turn of events works to the advantage of both party establishments, so you're probably right.

Hopefully President Obama won't decide to be "Mr. Bipartisan" by nominating a judicial moderate instead of (say) someone about as liberal as Scalia was conservative. That might benefit Sanders by putting in front of the primary voters yet another example of a mainstream Democrat negotiating against himself. I'd like to see Sanders to benefit from something, but not that. Best thing might be the Senate Republicans decide to try to run out the clock (which the media establishment seems to think might hurt re-election chances of some Republican senators) and Obama does a recess appointment. Recess is after primary season, so probably neither primary candidate benefits.

Dale Carrico said...

I'm rather hoping he'll nominate Loretta Lynch. She'll bring out the worst in the assholes as a nice mobilizing background soundtrack to the campaign and complement to Trump white supremacist fascism -- plus, given high unlikelihood of confirmation of any Obama appointment by this Senate, there is the personal dimension that Lynch can do her job with minimal disruption by a confirmation process by the same body that already confirmed and vetted her within an inch of her life less than a year ago. Politically, she seems a very Obama appointee, very much like his other two (and Obama himself), center-left with stronger-left sparkles and here and there an annoying smidge of neoliberalism. It would be nice for Clinton to promise to re-nominate her for confirmation by a new and likely Democratic Senate in the first hundred days. Especially if continued GOP asshattery gives new majority leader Schumer (blech) the pretext to nuke the EZ-filibuster at last.