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Friday, February 19, 2016

Devine, So Not Divine

Tad Devine sure knows how to win a nomination fight that loses Democrats the general election.

Carter re-elect, Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, Kerry, now Sanders.

Lucy, football, again, at a time like this?


jimf said...

Never mind Devine, it's Weston who's really calling
the shots. ;->

Anonymous said...

Hillary is toast. Read the Salon article at the link below.
-Katie L.

Dale Carrico said...

Bernie's present comparative favorables reflect the fact that the GOP hasn't attacked him yet. His weaknesses are plain as the nose on your face if you're not completely in the tank for him -- grumpy petulant not a good thinker on his feet with a limited command of many subjects central to the Executive rather older and more disheveled than is legibly Presidential and an avowed socialist who has promised on tape to raise middle class taxes. I'm a grumpy old disheveled socialist so I don't hold all that against him myself certainly but I do know what goddamn country I am living in. Certainly the Republicans who are not laying a glove on Sanders and even supporting him know who is easier to beat. Hillary's unfavorables reflect GOP hostility that is irrelevant (she was never gonna get their votes, and neither will Bernie) -- she is still admired among Dems and many Independents, though it is true that Bernie supporters are undermining that, possibly ruinously, with their very noisy smears. I get it that you are very enthusiastic for your candidate. You should ask yourself why your appreciation seems to require the demonization of a brilliant, thoughtful, competent, alliance-building organizationally committed lifelong Democratic fighter in the difficult compromised stakeholder scrum of living progressive partisan politics. Sanders is a fine progressive Senator for his little liberal homogeneous white state, and will continue to be so. If he wins the nomination -- which I think he will not and hope he will not because I think he is far from the best candidate on offer -- I will fight for him. Hope you will do the same if Hillary wins the nomination. Hillary is not toast, thanks, and if eventually she is I fear we may all be. I respect your disagreement but I am far from convinced by it.