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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Lowering Expectations For Raising Expectations

Just read a Sanders supporter who is beginning to reconcile to looming defeat but declaring themselves not quite ready yet to settle for the "lowered expectations" of the Clinton campaign, as if making false promises, offering up deceptive oversimplifications about difficult legislative processes and indulging in wish fulfillment fantasies constitutes "raising expectations."


jollyspaniard said...

He's no Corbyn

Dale Carrico said...

I agree -- that glib comparison is too often made here in the States. I was enthusiastic about Corbyn's Labour victory. Now that I no longer believe Sanders' campaign is providing long-term pedagogical or working coalition benefits for democratic forces here the primary contest can't end soon enough as far as I'm concerned -- Clinton needs to organize to beat proto-fascist Trump like a drum and build the longest possible coattails to benefit downticket from GOP disarray.

jollyspaniard said...

She's already pivoted to the general election while Trump is still wrestling for the wheel of the clown car. Trump is probably a bigger threat than I gave him credit for earlier. If he gets the nomination he'll flip flop and pivot to the centre dog whistling all the way. But it looks like he's far more likely to destroy the republican party than to win the general.

I saw a clip of a black woman being assaulted by a mob of white guys at a Trump rally, very ugly stuff.

Sanders is history at this point I just hope he bows out gracefully.