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Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Developmental State As War Machine or As Consensual Scene? (Observations Upon Reading Parenti)


jimf said...

> climate change may be our generational chance at Piketty's
> equity-enabling Shocks of War

Likely enough. Ah, the luxury of the Olympian point of view!
If you're down in the scrum, on the other hand, the process
may be unpleasant unto death. But if you're flying above it all
(like Americans (!), or the Overlords in the upcoming SyFy dramatization of
Arthur C. Clarke's _Childhood's End_), then you can write
it all off to the vagaries of Galactic History, or

"I feel more and more sorry for these people."

-- Rashaverak, to Karellen, in _Childhood's End_

Dale Carrico said...

Needless to say, the point is not to celebrate ongoing and upcoming climate catastrophe but to point out that it can be the occasion either for change for the worse or change for the better. In the undergraduate course I teach on environmental justice the first lesson is always taught to the students, whether well-meaning or just spoiled, who are in denial about the catastrophic climate change future... of course, they discover soon enough that climate change catastrophe is already present and that it is only white-racist patriarchal capitalist insulation from its real-world ravages that enables the displacement of the crimes of waste and pollution and war onto a questionable "future" in the first place.