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Friday, October 16, 2015

Fully Customizable!

It's telling how often the results of the "fully customizable" are, nonetheless, indistinguishable.


Esebian said...

Express your individuality by buying our mass-produced sets!

You too could be the proud owner of a plastic box with a teal instead of a magenta or lime stripe (along with a few million others)!

Dale Carrico said...

Also amused how many car commercials are premised on the awareness that cars are all now indistinguishable from one another, whereupon the car advertised (indistinguishable from the rest) is presented as a spectacle of gasp-inducing singularity, possibly because it is red while all the others were white, or because there are nearly nude athletes lolling on it, or because it is filmed inches from its polished surface basking in strobe lights.