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Friday, October 30, 2015

Is RNC Panicked About Upcoming Telemundo Debate Commitment?

I can't help but wonder whether the RNC's hilariously bad-faith suspension today of further NBC-affiliated debates is really a stealth effort to evade the upcoming NBC-affiliated Telemundo debate in February given the apparently irrepressible and obviously electorally disastrous bigotry of most of the candidates. The admittedly slipshod -- what do you expect from dumb business "journalists"? -- moderators of the CNBC Debate are really mostly in trouble for mentioning inconvenient facts about quite evidently unworkable and contradictory tax plans and questionable product endorsements and curious campaign website quotations, all publicly demonstrable, checkable, which are being represented by the RNC as outrageous gotcha attacks rather than utterly conventional questions, every one of which should have been anticipated by the least professional debate preparations. Some of the candidates are expressing the desire to participate in debates in which only sympathetic -- or even pledged Republicans -- moderators "engage" them, a further retreat of the GOP from a nationally-relevant party to a neo-Confederate rump in a paranoid patriarchal white-supremacist bubble not so much popping as leaking gas unto death day by day by day in a rapidly diversifying, secularizing, planetizing America. I don't deny these rationalizations provide an intuitive appeal to the GOP's White-Racist Patriarchal Christian-Talibanist Plutocratic dupes, but I'm pretty sure the real worry is that the GOP disarray behind the curtain is on full view in the anti-Establishment convulsions of the House and among the frontrunners for the nomination, and the GOP's bedraggled professionals are fending off existential threats to ongoing viability as a real political party at this point.

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