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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Long Teaching Day

So, first up today, teaching in the City, early afternoon in my Homo Economicus course on English mannered comedy and political economy we're talking about "The Country Wife" and Collier's moral panic pamphlet about the Immorality of the Stage. Although there are definitely students who are engaging the material, five weeks in I'm a bit worried that the saucer-eyed contingent in this class is a bit too numerous for comfort. In class line readings randomly assigned as a provocation to discussion may be called for, we shall see. Later in the afternoon, in my survey of critical theory it's Freud day, which always puts me through the wringer, general themes, then the short "Fetishism" piece, then excerpts from the Schreber case study. Heavy. As always, I won't return home till quite late tonight, and as always blogging will be low to no. Hope all is well in your worlds.

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