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Saturday, February 14, 2015


Looks like Dan Lyons is leaving ValleyWag already. Even if he did jump the robo-shark, and seemed too star-struck by celebrity tech CEOs to maintain the adversarial stance which is the reason the site exists, I do sympathize with anybody felled by back pain, one old coot to another. If Biddle were to resume his place the place might resume its meddle, but the comments over there seem to suggest that people don't like him very much. Since I think he is one of the few consistently sharp and funny writers about the Valley of the Silly Con I suppose I shouldn't find it surprising he makes techbros whine from peen shrivel.

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Esebian said...

Comments on that post make me weep for humanity. But maybe, luckily, hopefully, they're just vociferous techdudebros that are attracted to flock to any place dizzrespectin' the One True Way like flies to cowpats.

I've no real hope for Gawker, though. After they made Annalee "Made a Transhumanism Week a few years back" Newitz editor of Gizmodo, signs are pointing to Doom.