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Friday, February 13, 2015

Long Teaching Day

This morning in Digital Democracy Digital Anti-Democracy from nine to noon we're thinking about journalism, reading two rather utopian pieces from different political vantages by Dan Gillmour and Digby, Clay Shirky on mass amateurization, Aaron Bady on wikileaks and then Geert Lovink and Jodi Dean on blogging. Some links to participatory, social, relational art and curatorial practice should come up in the version of this class I teach at an art school, surely. The discussion sets the stage for varations on the theme of digital publicity to come. Then, from one to four in the lecture hall my graduate Introduction to Critical Theory continues to zing along. Last week, Nietzsche in a nutshell, this week Marx. History as class struggle, materialism, alienation, revolution, camera obscura, there is no royal road to science,  the fetishism of commodities, and zombies. There's a union meeting after that, so an unusually long day in the City for me, so blogging will be, as usual on Friday, low to no.

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