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Monday, February 16, 2015

Yesterday's Post Is Now Today's

I've vastly revised and expanded yesterday's post on Arendt's "Turn" on Judgment. Nietzsche has had his say. If you read the post yesterday and found it edifying, provocative, or enjoyably hate-readable I am hoping it will be still more so now. I am not done with Arendt by any means, but still boiling over with her right now. I will have more to say about natality and the "gap" between past and future and breaks and ruptures more generally in Arendt, and how they should lend little comfort for "thought leaders" with disruptions and singularities on their mind. I also find I have something I need to say about the vicious immoderation of much of what passes for moderation. Promises, promises, I know, but expect more in the coming days.

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