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Friday, February 20, 2015

Long Teaching Day

This morning in the City in my Digital Democracy, Digital Anti-Democracy course we are up to our ears in ideology as usual, Paulina Borsook's "Cyberselfish" and Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron's "Californian Ideology" and David Golumbia's "Digital Deletion of the Left" followed by the still deeper dive of Katerine Hayles' piece on possessive individualism and the birth of cybernetics. We'll be reading a couple of cypherpunk manifestos and Barlow's "I come from cyberspace, home of Mind" to drive the point home. That's nine to noon, then from one to four in my graduate survey of Critical Theory we take up Freud, emphasizing the fetish, paranoia, homosociality, and noting Nietzschean and Marxian resonances and tensions. Should be exhausting, and blogging will be low to no today.

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