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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer Terms

Next week the first of my summer intensives begins, this one at Berkeley, a survey of Greek and Roman rhetoric, meeting three days a week three hours each day and demanding enormous amounts of lecture prep. By the time I have adjusted to that pace a second intensive begins in the City, a survey of critical theory that throws another six hours of lecture and a commute across the Bay into the mix. A second Berkeley course on theories of interpretation begins within days of the end of the first, while I'm still neck deep in grading finals. If you are curious about the courses, their syllabi are here. All in all, twelve weeks of unusually focused work ahead. Not quite sure what that will do to my blogging, but this is the sixth summer I've pulled this off so presumably I'll manage it again. Perhaps it's something to do with aging, but the slope seems scarily steep from where I'm standing right about now.

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