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Monday, May 21, 2012

Queers Not Dying In Concentration Camps Makes Muscular Baby Jesus Cry

Every time I hear white liberal handwringing about homophobia in Black churches turning against Obama, offered up without numbers to back up what looks to me like an essentially racist phony intuition, offered up in trembling tonalities of concern even as people of color come out across the culture to declare their support of the President and marriage equality, I'll just conjure up this little spectacle when I need to remember what the real trouble makers in this country sound like and look like. This villain calling the President a "baby killer" for supporting a woman's right to choose in the same breath as he calls for the literal genocidal slaughter of actually fully fledged queer people was an especially nice touch, I thought. So much love in that room!


jollyspaniard said...

After he proclaims his wish for a Final Solution for gay people he says "God Have Mercy". That's a Category 6 hurricane of irony.

jimf said...

> [H]e says "God Have Mercy". That's
> a Category 6 hurricane of irony.

Isn't that what judges used to say to condemned prisoners after sentencing them to death? ("And may God have mercy on your soul.") I wonder if anybody still says that, even in Texas.