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Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Dale Carrico Thinks You Are Not Cool"

For real forum topic over at Dale Carrico thinks Dale Carrico is not particularly cool, as it happens. What I think about Robot Cultists? Con-Artists and Rubes.


jimf said...

As usual, Giulio Prisco gets to the heart of the matter:
Giulio Prisco
Key Master

As usual, R.U. Sirius analysis is accurate.

Charlie Stross may have political opinions similar to those of Dale Carrico, and agree with Carrico's critique of transhumanism to some extent, but he doesn't make a fool of himself by pretending to consider transhumanist aspirations scientifically impossible. He knows better. See also my thoughts on some of Carrico/Stross points.

Carrico's "arguments" boil down to "You are a filthy Robot Cultist, so you are not qualified to have opinions on serious political issues." These are the same "arguments" often used by those homophobes who say "You are a filthy gay, so you are not qualified to have opinions on serious political issues," so they are quite surreal when they come from a gay rights activist like Carrico.

jimf said...

> Giulio Prisco gets to the heart. . .

La Kate in _Lion_: I never cease to marvel at the quickness of your mind.

jollyspaniard said...

I took a look at the comments. I think it's fair to summarize them thusly:

A) I don't care what he thinks
B) He doesn't understand us

These are devastating rebuttals of your arguments. I don't know Dale I think I may have to stop reading your blog and ... where's the queue for the robot girlfriend?