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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Impressions of Romney

Upgraded from a comment in the Moot:
The point isn't to try to divine Romney's "true beliefs" from the scattered tea leaves of his endlessly shifting statements. Apart from his mean streak and infinite sense of entitlement there might not even be much of what passes for a "self" there at all, in the sense that non- lifelong- bazillionaires cocooned every inch and every second in pastel-hued privilege use such terms.

What matters is that Romney's actions always express the convictions of those he is working with and around... And so, he seemed a bit more reasonable when he was Governor and the Republicans he was working with were all triangulating with Massachusetts liberals of conviction, he now lives in the age of the patriarchal theocratic corporate-militarist plutocratic GOP death cult where the convictions are the sort that should get you life-long prison convictions and he has now become that and will govern like that as well.

Look at the extremity of his advisers and the extremity of the caucus he will be working with -- the whole neo-con bomb brigade and the muscular baby jesus warriors ready to suck off their guns and shackle their women and terrorize their faggots and the doll-eyed dolt Randroid Ryan's fanclub out to drown democracy in the bathtub and refeudalize the state -- they are the clothes he is wearing now, they are the voices in his ear and from his mouth, they are who he will be... Romney is always other people and what he thinks other people are expected to be according to some pretty cramped norms the violation of which fills him either with supreme discomfort or, as we have seen, rage. Sheer away the put-upon privilege and the cruelty of his so-called "pranks" and you will find a schmoo not a you, a creature of dense appetites and stale scripts and opportunistic calculations.
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jollyspaniard said...

I agree with you there. George Bush was the same way which has been bourne out by a lot of insider accounts particularly from the beginning of his presidency.

My guess is with the forces from Iraq and Afghanistan drawn down and some democratics positioning for defence cuts there'd be a lot of tempation to start another war of choice.

jimf said...

> Impressions of Romney

Is it out of bound to make fun of somebody's name in an
election campaign? (What, Hussein?)