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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Republican Security Imaginary As Self-Consuming Artifact

Atrios points out yet another paradoxical (read: batshit crazy) landmark in the Republican policy terrain:
One hears about various TSA plans to take security theater productions on tour to all kinds of mass transit locations, and then one hears about various authorities wanting to let people carry their concealed guns everywhere. If there's any point to security theater, it's, you know, to find the damn guns. If the guns are legal then there's really no point to it at all.
Of course, the paradox is resolved when one realizes the delusional end-game here involves the eventual replacement of the TSA by a mercenary army of white racist muscular baby jeebus worshipping death cultists from the NRA.


Anonymous said...

wow that would be a GREAT art intervention! Literal security theater, make some fake tsa-esque uniforms and post actors in transit stations, buses and other public spaces and such to offer voluntary unreasonable searches to passengers of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds to make everyone [feel] safe.

Dale Carrico said...

I think Girls Gone Wild got there already.