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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Dvorsky's Fuzzy Math Sphere

He's much more polite about it than I was (no surprise there), but Forbes' Alex Knapp has as little patience for Dvorsky's latest futurological nonsense as I did.


jimf said...

> So just to mine, we have to develop (a) technologies to mine orders
> of magnitude more quickly than currently exists (b) with autonomous
> robots that (c) are capable of self-replication from scratch,
> that is, by smelting metals and fabricating the other materials
> necessary from the raw materials of Mercury. And not just robot
> replication – the robots will also have to be able to autonomously
> fabricate, from scratch, the solar collectors needed to bootstrap
> the energy to keep mining Mercury.

Not to worry. The exponentially self-improving Goertzel-Yudkowsky
AI will figure it out in no time. (After, of course, it figures out
how to resurrect Ray Kurzweil's dad.)

jimf said...

> No, George. Not, really. Really NOT. Not at all.
> Not even conceivably, where "conceivable" refers to
> something other than the sorts of fancies that arise
> unbidden in the mind while one is masturbating.

Hm. Speaking of bathroom reading material, maybe before
the human race is forced to go on an energy diet,
Diet Smith will come to the rescue.

Or Moon Maid.