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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mitt Keeps It Klassy


jimf said...

The Obama [+ Hussein] -> Osama sillygism is something
so obvious I'm amazed I haven't seen it in public
until now. Though no doubt George Lakoff and Drew Westin
could cite dozens of examples in which it's already been made

(And besides, everybody knows that "momma" has 3 m's.
Unless it's a certain art museum -- unlikely in
this case. But that would spoil the artistic
parallelism of the series OBAMA OSAMA MOMA,
wouldn't it?)

(Shades of Dan Quayle's potatoe!
Where's Murphy Brown when you need her?)

jimf said...

From your blog roll:
NYT Pub Ed: Is Obama Manchurian Candidate?
Josh Marshall
April 22, 2012, 9:11 PM

Today the _New York Times_ Public Editor Arthur Brisbane
threw in his lot with those who say President Obama
was never truly ‘vetted’ during the 2008 campaign and
that _Times_ itself was a major part of that failure. . .

[I]t’s difficult to see Brisbane’s prod as anything
but a dog whistle to the far right crowd who holds up
for the idea that there are as yet uncovered sinister
facts about Obama’s identity which might show him to be
quite something else from what he appears to be. . .

Can anybody point to significant questions about
President Obama’s history or identity that remain to
be probed? That is, beside the questions about birth
certificates, ‘radical associations’, religion and
so forth that animate the American hard right? . . .

David Corn noted last week that the Romney campaign has
been working to mainstream that idea that President Obama
is somehow not a ‘real’ American. But Brisbane doesn’t
seem to need persuading.

And from an (off-topic, seemingly) comment thread on an (unrelated)
article on the same site
( )
Proud Aryan [whose 'avatar' is a Confederate flag]

I wonder how much OBUMMER paid to have this fake article posted.
These loosers are being paid by SOROS and SEIU and
Bar'aq al Hussain Obumgo and its not surprising that these loosers
are on drugs. We got to get that coon MUSLIM COMMUNIST SOCIALIST
Obummer out of office and get someone smarter like Sarah Palin
so she can fix things like she fixed alaska (yes she is smarter,
Harvard isnt really that good of school anyway and he only
got in because he's black, true story). I'm so sick and tired
of this MUSLIM pResident not taking any action and ruining our
reputation by cowtowing to these TERRORISTS in PAKISTAN.
Maybe if we talk to our congressmen they will find a way to
show his REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE from KENYA (the one he submitted
is a FAKE, true story). We need to have this tea party movement
grow so that we can go back to the principles of our
founding fathers. Allow slavery and segregation in certain states
so that we can keep the minorities in line so they don't
cause too much trouble because it worked in the past. TEA PARTY '12!

This is just a way to take the heat off of that ass Obama.
Joe is on top of the fake President. Obama is a liar
and a farce. And for you Obama ass kissers, you are just
that. A bunch of low life MFER's that couldn't fight your
way out of a paper bag. Ted Nuegent said it right. If
he's back in the White House, I'll be dead or in jail.
If that should happen, you will see a bigger change in
our government that will come back to haunt all of you.
You want to live under Socialism? Well, you're going to
get it with the Obummer.

USMC SEMPER FI. . . why not concentrate your rant on the
sheriff's wrongdoings?

This isn't about his past. It is about what he and others
have discovered about Obama's LFB.

Obama isn't legal. I have used illustrator to prove that is
certificate is a FORGERY. Will anyone do anything about this?
Looks like no one really cares. That tells me that our government
is in on this. . .

The Few, the Proud, the Marines. . .

From the Halls of Montezuma,
To the shores of Tripoli;
We fight our country's battles
In the air, on land, and sea;
First to fight for right and freedom
And to keep our honor clean. . .

My heart is bursting with pride; I'm so
privileged to call myself an Amurrican.

I'm getting all. . . verklempt.