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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mitt Romney: Stay-At-Home Moms Lack "Dignity of Work"

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Here Mitt says directly and contemptuously the very thing his campaign has made hay with for days by falsely implying Hilary Rosen said it, namely, that raising kids at home isn't hard work or real work... and then he ties it up with a bow by resurrecting the ugly richy-rich class-war specter of Reagan's so-called "welfare queen." No doubt the entire wingnut-o-sphere will now commence to howl and tear out their hair in another round of fulminating outrage over the insult to stay-at-home Moms? Cue crickets chirping. It is fun to see Republicans still haven't quite gotten their minds around the whole accessible video archives and cellphone recordings and google thing yet.


jollyspaniard said...

Youtube isn't going to be Romney's friend for the next seven months.

Chad Lott said...

I'm still surprised not many people seem to be hammering Romney on protesting anti-draft protestors before dodging the draft, I mean going to France to spread the word of Jeebus.

jimf said...

> I mean going to France to spread the word of Jeebus.

Now, now. For any worthy Mormon male, going on a mission
is a standard rite of passage into adulthood. You aren't
really considered marriage-worthy until you get back.

And it's not to spread the word of Jeebus, it's to spread the
word of Joseph Smith.

And that takes precedence over any silly worldly conflicts.