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Monday, November 08, 2010

What Is Your Monocausal Explanation for Where We Find Ourselves?

Of course monocausal explanations for complex and dynamic political-historical states of affairs are always wrong. But it occurs to me that if I were forced (Death Is Not An Option, as it were) to shoe-horn the blame for the mid-term catastrophe, or this moment's larger distress, into a single word, I would choose:


What single word would you pick?

"Bailouts"? "Foreclosures"? "Economy"?

Or you Vision Thing guys, what would it be? "Corporations"? "Petroleum"? "Patriarchy"? "Mammals"?

Or, heck, you Republican lurkers, what would you pick? "Socialist"? "Teh Gay"? "Negro"? (Naw, that'd be too honest.)

No need for the futurologists in the house to chime in, we already know your answer: "Robots." Ding-ding-ding!

C'mon, kids! Let's all join in, it'll be fun. What's your best monocausal simplistification of the soup we're in?


jimf said...

An erstwhile (but very funny) friend of mine had
a very succinct answer to any such question. His
favorite diagnosis: "It's **you**!"

RadicalCoolDude said...

I would choose: "Banks"

And economist James K. Galbraith agrees with me.

Dale Carrico said...

As usual, RCD hides behind somebody else's skirts. Your toilet training must have been a trip dude.

Dale Carrico said...

His favorite diagnosis: "It's **you**!"

That's funny, I'm pretty sure it's him.

liz said...


jollyspaniard said...