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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The GOP Has Already Seceded from the United States

Forget Rick Perry's repeated gloating threats that Texas might secede from the Union, forget Sharron Angle's scarcely veiled insurrectionist threats about "Second Amendment Remedies" -- the GOP has already seceded in the substance. Their retreat into a monolithically obstructionist stance in the Senate and the House, their retreat into Fox Noise and Hate Radio monologues devoid of facts or criticism or conversation, their retreat from any constructive engagement with the President or the millions upon millions of their fellow citizens with whom they disagree is a functional secession from the Union, and one that is sustained as much by the consensual hallucination of those on whom they have declared war that there is nothing actually happening as the GOP destroys the country's economy, sustainability, rule of law, and standing in the world as it is sustained by their own, frankly nonsensical as well as catastrophic, acts of war.

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jollyspaniard said...

Out of the western world's major conservative political parties they stand alone as the craziest.

Europe has a few far right fringe parties that are worse though. They've never amounted to much but their influence is on the rise and they've been scoring concessions in coalition governments.

I always try to look for an optimistic escape route when confronting realities like this. The New Deal and a lot of great progressive institutions around the world were created contemporaneously as the rise of the hard right in the 30s. Perhaps the same will happen now.