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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Class War Dum De Dum

"Fiscal conservatism" just means the same thing all the other "conservatisms" mean by now in the US, whether neo- social- Christian, whatever: screw the vulnerable and the average folks and lard the already rich and powerful with more and more and more filthy lucre, in a hail of bullets if necessary. Stop pretending to expect them to be something else, stop exposing the inevitable livid skull-head behind the threadbare curtain. Just stand for something else and fight them already.

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jollyspaniard said...

When they talk amongst themselves in the comment threads of blog posts they'll say that there really isn't a difference between the fiscal cons and the so cons.

Although they do tend to reserve the term socons for the rabidly religious crazies (although it's not used derogatorily).

Basicaly you have a range starting at one end with secular, resentful, status obsessed, selfish people to rabidly religious, resentful, status obsessed and selfish people.