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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Starting to Feel Better

Wow. I'm starting to feel better for the first time since the mid-terms. Maybe there really is something to this blogging thing, at least as a therapeutic practice. Thanks especially to those who are willing to conversationally spar with me even when I am in a bad mood and acting out -- obviously Eric here at home, and also Martin and others I've barked at in the Moot.

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jimf said...

Hey, I found something today that I'd been desultorily
Googling for for years.

Back in, oh, 1974, I saw a poster at the University of
Delaware bookstore that appealed to me, so I bought it
and had it up on my wall for a couple of years after that.
I'd long since forgotten the name of the artist (not
that I knew anything about him at the time anyway), but
I've always remembered the picture -- a guy on a winged
horse, who apparently flew too close to the ground and
became enmeshed in grasping tendrils emerging from
the earth (sounds like something out of the dream
sequences in _Brazil_), while another winged horseman
looks down from up in the clouds. I even remembered
that the name of the picture was "Restrictions", but
for the longest time I couldn't find any trace of it
on the Web. So today, for God knows what reason, I
tried again, and hit the jackpot. The artist, it turns
out, is rather famous, and that poster sold **millions**
of copies.

His most famous painting, though, is apparently
"A New Dawn":

Another one in the same vein (you can tell this was
the era of Paul Erlich) is "Overpopulation":