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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Xanadu Helps Make Amor Mundi More Positive

As promised… And so much more…


AnneC said...

Dangit, now I'm obsessing over ELO as a result of being reminded of "Xanadu". :P All your fault!

Seriously, this is some great stuff...

jfehlinger said...

I have an (analog) laserdisc of Olivia Newton-John from
ca. 1980 with a number of her popular tracks on it,
some of which seem to have made their way to You Tube.

One track in that video collection -- "Hopelessly
Devoted" -- has always intrigued me, because of a tiny
detail that the (otherwise identical, but perhaps too
low-rez) You Tube version seems to lack. No -- I take
that back; it's **barely** visible. In the closeup at the
end, in the next-to-last repetition of the phrase "hopelessly
devoted to you", at the moment when she tosses her head
for the embellishment of the final syllable (oooh,
oooh ooh ooh), a perfectly-timed tear (which is
probably glycerine; it doesn't seem to have enough
surface tension to be water, but still. . .) falling
from her left eye (the right side of the picture)
tumbles away from her face at just the perfect instant.

I wonder how many takes it took to get **that** right?!

jfehlinger said...

BTW, whose 'do came first -- Olivia's, or
Princess Di's? Inquiring minds, and all that. . .