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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Anti-Queer Hate, Violence, and Murder in America Today

[via fightOUTloud]

Something very ugly and still incipient may be emerging in these first few months of 2008.... Make sure the very real, very urgent reality of violent anti-queer hate is still on your gaydar, people.


seth said...

I wouldn't be surprised by a surge in queerbashing in a season dominated (or at least hightly influenced by) the rhetoric of "family" values. But that's not so much in the forefront right now, is it?

Dale Carrico said...

Exactly -- indeed there seems to be a concerted effort among some of the wingnut periodicals to shift from loudmouthed queerbashing to dogwhistle variations this campaign season. Maybe this is a desperation thing occasioned among the more ferociously patriarchal phobes to the writing on the wall that the long culture war skirmish against the gays (at any rate the nicely assimilated ones) is truly over and lost. They got the memo that they're supposed to switch the full force of their hostility to brown immigrants now, but it's just too hard for some to switch gears and follow orders on such short notice. Who knows? But definitely the trend is very horrifying and heartbreaking, whatever its causes.

Greg in Portland said...

Depends on who the Dems nominate I think.

Obama: they go with the race card and mix in some anti-Muslim stuff to spice up the dish.

Hillary: they go back to family values and talk about Bill's blowjob and the gays.