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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Republicans Hold Firm to "Clap Louder" Economic Strategy...

...meanwhile, Swiss bank accounts swell with looted cash and McMansions and astroturf lawns under bubble-domes pimple the sands of Dubai, as these scoundrels prepare to get while the getting's good, one suspects.

[via ThinkProgress]
Today on NBC’s Meet the Press, host Tim Russert pointed to a new CNBC poll showing that 83 percent of the American public rates the U.S. economy as only fair/poor. Right-wing strategist Mary Matalin tried to brush off that number, stating that most Americans are nevertheless happy about their personal finances.

When liberal strategist Bob Shrum pointed out that her statement is false, Matalin switched to the well-worn tactic of blaming the media for the problem...
SHRUM: I think most people are getting very insecure about their personal finances.

MATALIN: That’s because they’re berated with these numbers.

On Feb. 11, former White House adviser Karl Rove claimed that the “media has been beating the drum for years and years and years that the economy stinks. And after a while, that begins to color people’s attitudes.”

[So too] Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) also recently tried to blame it all on the American people by saying that it’s just “psychological.”

Good luck with that, guys.

It will be interesting to observe the "psychology" on exhibit among incumbent elitists and their Paris Hilton progeny as progressive taxes require they pay a fair share for the first time in their lives for the maintenance of the social institutions and infrastructure on which they have depended more than anyone else for their many privileges.


Robin said...

I read a nightmare article the other day that quoted people saying things like "I know I can't make my car payment, so I just put it on my credit card - that way I get to keep the car a little longer so I can keep putting food on the table."

These were NOT folks we think of as "in poverty". These are folks in the same strata of people that I grew up in. It's terrifying to try and build a life in this economy.

Martin said...

Yes, it's all in their heads: the subprime mortgage crisis, the fact that 10% of homes are worth less than their mortgage, the fact that gas will be up to $4/ga this summer (which drives up the cost of everything, because everything must be transported), even the cost of pizza and beer:

Yes, it's all media fiction.