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Friday, March 21, 2008

Lifeway Diversity and Eugenicist Reaction

I wanted to collect together some posts over the years on the inter-connected ideas of morphological and lifeway diversity, on prosthetic self-determination (the transhumanoids describe this as "morphological freedom," while for me the topic connects to the simple recognition that all culture is prosthetic and all prostheses are culture), and on the variations of eugenicism one inevitably encounters in futurological discourse. I realize that you can see some development here, especially around the notion of consent, and that these positions are therefore not perfectly consistent. I have anthologized posts on feminist and animal rights topics elsewhere, but some queer stuff and pro-choice stuff and resistance to the racist war on (some) drugs also creeps into these posts as a matter of course.

1. Technology Is Making Queers of Us All, published March 5, 2006 from material published first in 2004, adapted from my MA thesis, begun in 1993 and completed in 1995.

2. Keep Your Laws Off of My Body, published March 9, 2006, originally presented in 2004.

3. A Dose of the New Medical Reality, published April 15, 2006, originally published in 2005.

4. Experimental Subjection and Democratic Citizenship, published January 3, 2006.

5. Differently Enabled, published March 12, 2006

6. Posthuman Terrains, published July 10, 2006.

7. Disability Discourse As Moralizing, published July 15, 2006.

8. The Politics of Morphological Freedom, published August 2, 2006.

9. Extremism in the Defense of Diversity Is No Vice, published January 14, 2007.

10. Precarity and Experimental Subjection, published February 19, 2007.

11. My "Deathist" Zealotry, published November 13, 2007, a piece that connects up, rather hilariously, to what I describe elsewhere as my critique of Superlative Futurology.

12. Two Variations of Contemporary Eugenics Politics, published January 26, 2008.

13. Eugenics and the Denigration of Consent, January 2008.

14. Euneurics, February 2008.

15. Loss, Connection, Transformation, March 2008.

16. Morphological Freedom Should Be An Expression of Human Finitude, Not An Infantile Revolt Against It, March 2008.

17. Mortality, March 2008.

18. "Post-Gender" or Gender Poets?, April 2008.

19. Marriage? No, Thanks. The Right to Marry? You Better Believe I'll Fight For It, December 2008.

20. Transhuman Eugenicism, June 2009.

21. Consensual Prosthetic Self-Determination and Progressive Democratization, June 2009.

22. The Politics of Choice and the Mystifications of "Enhancement" Discourse, 2009.

23. The Importance of Being Lagomorphine, July 2009.

24. Our Post-Lagomorphine Future, July 2009.

25. "Same Sex", December 2009.

26. Animal "Uplift", February 2010.

27. "Is Transhumanism Racist?" December, 2012.

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