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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sunday Walk

Fitful night's sleep left me exhausted today -- after our brunch at the Piedmont Cafe we decided on a shorter less demanding stroll through St. Mary's Cemetery this time around, a smaller, quieter space with fewer steep hills to scale or grand monuments to goggle at. Dappled light, rustling green, a late flurry of balloon-red blooms. Devoting the rest of the afternoon to lecture prep. We'll be screening John Carpenter's "They Live" in my undergraduate critical theory survey tomorrow, then we'll be finishing up last week's singularity discussion, leading into neoreactionary accelerationism, platform co-ops (and a little Mondragon), antitrust and public options for publishing, access, rating, and search, and finally the season of "regrets" from tech-leaders this last few months or so. The movie is usually fun to discuss and I have lots to say on the tech-topics coming up afterward, so everything should go well enough. I've been grading papers this weekend, and another load of them arrive this week to swamp me under again -- no days off last week, none this week either, it's a bit relentless, but next term will be more relaxed so I suppose I am paying for that now. A few more weeks and it'll be end of term symposia and workshops and less prep for me, thank goodness. For now, I'm really wading the waters. Distracts me a bit from the headlines, though, which is a mercy.

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