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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Grading, Grating

The inevitable headline, I know. Spent much of yesterday dealing with administrivia -- the forms I fill, the hoops I jump, the extra hours and meetings and tasks keep accumulating each year every year more and more and more the more administrators get hired to do what that isn't teaching in a school is quite something to experience. Papers pouring in past midterm, and I'll be grading in any spare pockets of time I can find in between my bouts of obsessive lecture prep (to compensate for the imposture syndrome I inevitably feel when I am not feeling my equally undermining burned out has-been husk syndrome instead). I'll be a bit dug under for the next couple three weeks, I fear. Nice distraction from the internal tea-kettle scream of anxiety occasioned by relentlessly rising-fascistic headlines as the last-chance midterm election draws, as it were, nigh.

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