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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Sunday Walk

The morning was cool and gray, autumnal, as we set off for brunch at our diner on Piedmont Avenue. By the time we had finished, the sun had burned all the gray away and bright blue daylight made us ambitious for a longer trek to the summit of Mountain View. The rest of my afternoon is given over to lecture prep: Situationism and Naomi Klein in my first lecture tomorrow and then AI and the Singularity (all the old anti-techno-triumphalist hits, Mechanical Turk, Lanier, Vinge, Kurzweil, Mechanical Turk again), then a reprise Tuesday in my grade seminar on design thinking. We're past the mid-term point and the rhythms are all shifting, workshops and film screenings take some pressure off of lecture prep in weeks to come, but writing deadlines and committee work all seem to intensify to ratchet the pressure right back up again. The election wind-up has everybody nervous and jangly, me not least of all, I can tell you.

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