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Sunday, May 06, 2018


Brunch at the neighborhood Piedmont Cafe as usual with Eric -- delicious! Then a nice walk to the Morcom Rose Garden, one of our favorite places; in the two weeks since our last visit what was a delirious profusion of blooms has exploded into magical madness, four times the roses as before, every imaginable color, and a sweet, citrussy scent you can actually smell well before the garden is even in view... Spending the rest of the day grading, grading, grading... Pleased I have just three papers still awaiting arrival and that all three students are in contact with me and promising the papers are on their way within hours. Famous last words, but maybe this will be a term without undue drama for once. Penny is playing fetch with a new chewy string ball we bought her at the pet store out on the road today. What a fine day!

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