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Thursday, May 03, 2018

Final Prep

Spending the day prepping for tomorrow's final lecture of the term. We're running behind, I spent more time on the Combahee River Collective statement (intersectionality and reparation), Judith Butler (queer performativity and occupation qua democracy), and Carol Adams (vegetarianism and feminism) than expected (which I should have expected) -- tech and ecology and planetarity are all left and that makes for a big bang finale -- of course, most of them are swamped with final projects and will not have done the reading and will just be aching to be released from the classroom as soon as possible. As always, some of the time will be given over to evaluations (a process made much worse by every measure, as is usual, by its recent migration online) and I also like to end early to make time for the long and painful session of excuse-giving and appeals-for-extensions few of which I'll believe but all of which I'll pretend to believe for everybody's sake. Summer intensives are a couple weeks away, onboarding (how I hate that term and all the burgeoning administrivial cruft its appearance testifies to) happens early next week already, then it's time to print syllabi and start prepping readings. No rest for the weary...

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