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Monday, May 28, 2018

The Coming Week

After a week of dreary gray damp, yesterday the skies cleared, the temperatures soared and Eric and I had brunch and our long walk in the blazing sun. Another week of teaching ahead, but preparations are not too daunting for now. The texts are familiar (The US Declaration, Arundhati Roy, MLK) and the skill sets I've taught a million times over: creating a precis, four habits of argumentative writing, the Toulmin schema, Rogerian synthesis. Hoping for a good, productive second week. You know, I'm coming off of the best sleep in a couple years -- two nights with more than nine hours' sleep, two nights with more than eight hours. The struggle with insomnia is ongoing, and I'm sure the next three nights will be more difficult without cannabis to help me along (I never dose before teaching days, to keep my head clear) and with my usual stage-fright jitters to contend with.

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