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Friday, August 05, 2016

The GOP Needs A Big Tent To Hold All Those Killer Clowns.

Ronnie Raygun said so to Donnie Trump through a Sleestak Oracle Head.


jimf said...

> The GOP Needs A Big Tent. . .

Come on a my tent. . .
Rick Ross of the Cult Education Institute on Cults, Inside Out
Lions Of Liberty
Apr 30, 2015


We can't just be parrotting what we hear from other people,
even our "leaders", when developing our political positions.
We need to think for ourselves. . . [I]t's OK if you're not
using reason and logic to decide what sports team to cheer
for. . . there aren't people's lives necessarily at
stake. But. . . there are people's lives at the other end
of. . . policies. . ., so it's very important that we think
rationally when it comes to politics. . .

I just want to share a little personal story of my own experience
with a cult. . . [I]t's not the kind of thing you'd think of as
a cult, normally. . . You might want to Google. . . "sales cult". . .
you will see the name[s] DS-MAX, . . . Cydcor, . . . Devil Corporation.
That is the nickname. . . [of] the corporation that I. . . work[ed]
under at one point,. . . what I now. . . consider a sales cult. . .
I didn't know I was joining a cult. . . It happened when I was about
24, 25 years old, living. . . in Los Angeles. I was laid off from my job,
I didn't really have that much savings, I was just trying to get started
out in the television industry. I was kind of freakin' out, I was kind of
worried. . . I thought about maybe leaving and moving back home, but I
couldn't give up on my dreams. . . I needed to find a job quick.
So I saw this advertisement on Craig's List for a "sports marketing agent". . .
no experience needed, just a great attitude. . . I go. . . to this
place in Burbank. . . Kelly Advertising. . . [T]hey make you feel like
you've got a really cool sales career coming up. . . [T]he next day I
get hired. . . [B]efore you know it you realize that this
"sports sales marketing" job is really just going door-to-door and
knocking on doors and selling little coupons. . . [T]hey don't. . .
reveal. . . [that] until it's really happening. Combine that with. . .
brainwashing techniques that they use. . . a morning ritual where we'd
have all these little chants, these little bells you would ring, . . .
little phrases you had to use, like "juice!", your **juice**!
That's just the phrase to shoot down any negative things. If you
question anything, "Hey -- **juice**, man! Why you neggin' out?" All these
little phrases to dissuade any sort of questioning of the organization.
And I actually did pretty well in it. . . They really build up this dream. . .
this dream of not just being a salesman, but of running your own operation,
of running your own business, of taking over, of starting your own branch. . .
Being your own boss!. . . But. . . most of these people do not. . .
end up running their own business, . . . [they]
end up crashing and burning and flaming out, which is why they always
have this huge turnaround of new people. New people to brainwash. . .
They didn't force me to be there, but they do use very coercive. . . tactics. . .
It was only after a meeting with one of the top guys at this company --
DS-MAX or Cydcor. . . when he mentioned "Don't worry about what those guys
are saying on the internet". . . When I heard that I said "Well, what
**are** these guys saying on the internet?" So I started doing some
research. . . I found the term "sales cult". And I realized I was **in** one! . . .

It's not all Scientology. . . [or] David Koresh. It's often much more subtle
and much less obvious. . . I highly recommend the documentary _Going Clear_. . .
[about] one of the. . . most successful -- in their terms -- cults
in history [that] has managed to brainwash seemingly half of Hollywood. . .
[T]here's nothing stranger than seeing Tom Cruise basically give a Heil Hitler!
to LRH, to L. Ron Hubbard, their God. . .

jimf said...

Speaking of cults, look who's now using the term "robot cultists":
Could we upload a brain to a computer – and should we even try?
Richard Jones
July 4, 2016

[via ]

. . .


. . .

Mark Plus

Transhumanism existed before the robot cultists hijacked it about
25 years ago with their mind uploading obsession. You can find and
read online Robert Ettinger’s book (1972), Man Into Superman; and
F.M. Esfandiary’s book (1973) Up-Wingers. That ‘70’s Transhumanism might
have promoted some of its own dubious ideas, but at least it assumed
that improvements would come from working with the given human body
and mind, instead of this rebranded Manichaeism promoted by many of
today’s transhumanists.

Gotta love this headline. These folks think they're saving the world,
Actress who called Tom Cruise a 'narcissistic baby' in an audition to
be his girlfriend claims she was blacklisted by Scientology even though
she was John Travolta’s friend and coughed up $1million
Daily Mail, UK
August 1, 2016
By Chris White

. . .

'I did a commercial with an actress friend and she said I should join
this group. They say you're contributing to the world, we're the only
hope to mankind. You can help the universe and suddenly the world will
be clearer. . .'