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Friday, August 12, 2016

Skeptics Snared By Futurism

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jimf said...

> Skeptics Snared By Futurism

I know Skeptic[s] (self-declared) -- and one is too many ;-> --
who are also snared by Libertarianism (and hence think that
"anthropogenic global warming" is a scam perpetrated by
left-wing types and Democrats in order to justify increased
government regulation -- cf. Chris Mooney, "The Science of Why We
Don't Believe in Science" via ) and who (also) think Donald Trump is just
what this country needs. (And who simultaneously think
"politics is the mind-killer" and should be ruled out of
polite -- or productive -- "skeptical" discourse.)

I'm rubber and you're glue; Rationality(TM) bounces off me
and sticks to you.

Or something. ;->