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Monday, August 22, 2016

One. Wrong. Move.

Oh, dear. And it's not even September yet.


jimf said...
Raising Money for Clinton, Cher Sounds Off (and Not Just About Trump)
AUG. 23, 2016

She compared him to Hitler, likened his campaign to a “racist”
version of “Fun with Dick and Jane” and even said he evoked the
murderous child star in “The Bad Seed.”

“I just think he’s” an idiot, Cher said of Donald J. Trump, adding
a decidedly unprintable modifier. . .

She was introducing Hillary Clinton at a fund-raiser for her
presidential campaign. . .

And it was not just the entertainer, whose Twitter posts often
employ a toilet emoji instead of Mr. Trump’s name, who spoke bluntly.

Mrs. Clinton, who often discusses how well she was able to work
with Republicans during her tenure in the Senate, took the stage
and acknowledged former Representative Barney Frank, Democrat of
Massachusetts, noting that he has been promoting a new bumper sticker.

“I think it is something like, ‘Democrats Aren’t Perfect — but They’re Nuts!’”
said Mrs. Clinton. “You understand that.” . . .

Speaking without notes, Cher’s performance was more of an insult-comedy
routine than a traditional political speech.

“Do you remember ‘Fun with Dick and Jane?’” she asked, referring to
the 1970s comedy. “It’s like ‘Racist Fun with Dick and Jane.’ We’re
going to build walls!”

Mr. Trump, she added, reminded her of the pigtailed blond actress
Patty McCormack from “The Bad Seed.” “Consummate liar, doesn’t care
who she hurts, insane and, you know, sociopathic narcissist,”
she said. “I just wish he’d fall off the face of the earth.” . . .

“I know that if he got into office, our world would be the worst
place,” Cher said. “I don’t think we could imagine how bad it could
get.” . . .

Gee, Cher and I like some of the same movies. ;->

Dale Carrico said...

Same. (Not to mention liking movies with Cher IN them -- Moonstruck, Witches of Eastwick, Tea With Mussolini, Silkwood, Jimmy Dean, etc.)

Anonymous said...

OMG, you HAVE to be kidding me! So, you are implying that a vote for Hillary - one of those primarily responsible for the destruction of LYBIA, thus immensely strengthening the Islamists, and one who is openly itching to escalate tensions with Russia (who WILL fuck us up if we keep pushing) - is a better choice than Trump, who made the remarkably rigorous observation that Obama is "the founder of ISIS"? Well, not that rigorous considering that Obama has no control over the CIA, or the pentagon, but nonetheless astute, given that ISIS is deliberately cultivated by US foreign policy, with plenty of hard evidence?!??

Dale Carrico said...

A Trump voter in the Moot? By all means direct your energies here, it is an enormously productive use of your time.