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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Why Every Futurism Is A Retro-Futurism: A Twitter Conversation With Lance Robotson (And Others)

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jimf said...

> Part of what concerns me is that futurisms may conduce to reaction. . .

Recognition of the need to provoke a reaction:'s_Basilisk
In April 2014, MIRI posted a request for LessWrong commenters to think up scary scenarios
of artificial intelligence taking over the world, for marketing purposes.[53]
. . .because concrete, plausible pictures of doom are probably more motivating
grounds for concern than abstract arguments. . .

We would especially like suggestions which are plausible given technology that
normal scientists would expect in the next 15 years. So limited involvement of
advanced nanotechnology and quantum computers would be appreciated.

We welcome partial suggestions, e.g. 'you can take control of a self-driving car
from the internet - probably that could be useful in some schemes'.

Thank you!

"Normal scientists", eh? As opposed to. . .?