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Sunday, September 20, 2015

My Queer ProseTheses

Somebody stumbled upon and recommended quite an old post of mine, Technology Is Making Queers Of Us All, and it has gotten more readers over the past day than it has had over several years preceding. I want to point out that the blog-post was a re-post of an earlier publication which in turn was the summary of my MA Thesis from earlier still, that is to say, folks reading that post are reading something written by me when I was scarcely half my present age. I don't disavow the piece, but I wouldn't write it again... it testifies to the irrational exuberance of an earlier time, the nineties, and of an earlier me in the time of my adventuring. I have written many pieces since on queerness: That should come as no surprise since I came to California to study with one of my great heroes Judith Butler in the years between then and now and learned a thing or two in the process, and as my queer politics have changed since I was a Queer National then and have moved on to focus on environmental justice and democratic socialism since, all the while offering up avid witness and teaching to the gendered political vicissitudes of these last two decades. Some of my later writings on these are archived here: Queer Manifestations. Especially relevant to those who appreciate that early Queer-Tech piece might be: "Post-Gender" or Gender Poets? and Don't Be Too Quick to Identify Transhumanist Politics With Transsexual Politics and The Parade Passes By.

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