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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Periodic Public Service Announcement for Techno-Immortalist Uploading Fantasists

You are not a picture of you.
Brains are more like glands than computers.
You are going to die.

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jimf said...

> You are not a picture of you.
> Brains are more like glands than computers.
> You are going to die.

And what a luxury to be able to say so publicly without fearing (much)
for your life, don't you think? (I.e., flatly contradicting what are,
to some folks, articles of religious faith.)

Others have not been so lucky:
Indian Scholar Who Criticized Worship of Idols Is Killed
AUG. 30, 2015

. . .

The killing of the scholar, Malleshappa Madivalappa Kalburgi, drew
immediate comparisons to the 2013 murder of Dr. Narendra Dabholkar,
who spent decades debunking gurus, sorcerers, healers and godmen. . .

A religious activist filed a complaint in June of last year accusing
him of “offending religious sentiments,” according to Hindustan Times.

In 1989, Mr. Kalburgi angered some followers of the Lingayat Hindu sect
over his assessment, in a scholarly work, of the sect’s founder. As the
criticism escalated to denunciations and then threats, Mr. Kalburgi
eventually renounced his findings. . . Mr. Kalburgi said at the time:
“I did it to save the lives of my family. But I also committed intellectual
suicide on that day.” . . .

Dr. Dabholkar, 67, had received numerous threats from Hindu far-right
groups and been beaten by followers of angry gurus. In August 2013,
he was walking across a bridge in Pune, where he lived, when he was
shot at point-blank range by two men who then drove off on a motorbike.

No one has been charged with his murder.

On the other hand, we have had (via )
statements like:
(via )
Singularity Denial should be a criminal offence: worse than Holocaust denial.
by Singularity Utopia . . .

The rude, aggressive and self-righteous tone that [Carrico] uses in
the text and the comments (as usual) shows that this is not a prediction but a rabid
Thou-Shalt-Not in pure taliban style.
(and cf
Criticizing Transhumanism Is A Hate Crime Now? )

But speaking of Holocaust denial, AI prognosticator Hugo de Garis is
showing up on some pretty odd YouTube channels these days:

HUGO De GARIS on the (M[assively]E[vil]) Jewish Banking Network
Published on Oct 22, 2014