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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Selleck's Fountainhead: Another High Profile Freedom Loving Libertarian Revealed To Be Sociopath

Always brokedown in my opinion but officially "hot" rugged individualist and free market libertarian Tom Selleck has been accused of stealing -- allegedly! -- thousands and thousands of gallons of municipal water from a socialist fire hydrant into a private freedom-loving delivery truck a dozen times in the past eighteen months during a public water crisis.

No doubt Selleck regards his role in a handful of mass entertainments as evidence that he is an Ayn Randian avatar of god-like productive beneficence and civilizational indispensability and so, really, that water -- and, you know, pretty much everything else -- is really his for the taking when it comes down to it.

And I, for one, say thank you! Thank you Tom Selleck for all you have done for the world. Drink the world dry to water your Hidden Valley Ranch avocados and sprawling lawns -- without your genius the world would be a desert anyway.

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