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Friday, July 24, 2015

Justice Is So Retro

It is hilarious that Yvette Cooper doesn't realize declaring Jeremy Corbyn's politics "retro" is just an argument for Tories and not Labour.

If the choice is GOP vs. DLC GOP-lite people will choose GOP.

If the choice is Tories vs. New Labour Tories-lite people will choose Tories.

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jimf said...

> If the choice is GOP vs. DLC GOP-lite people will choose GOP.

Captain Kirk for President!
Ted Cruz Is More of a Spider-Man Guy
JULY 23, 2015
Interview by ANA MARIE COX

. . .

Q. You named the small business you started as a teenager Cruz Enterprises,
after Stark Enterprises from the Iron Man comics. In your marathon
anti-Obamacare speech, you impersonated Darth Vader. Are you attracted
to anti­heroes?

A. Certainly not to Vader. I was always a Han Solo guy. And when it
comes to comics, I was more of a Spider-Man guy.

Q. You are the chairman of the Senate subcommittee on space, and during a
hearing, you asked NASA to focus on space exploration rather than climate change.
Do you think there’s a big overlap between sci-fi nerds and people
interested in policy?

A. Well, I do think that readers of science fiction are interested and
attracted to the future. And in many ways, politics is a battle for
framing our future.

Q. You’re also a fan of ‘‘Star Trek.’’ Do you prefer Captain Kirk
or Captain Picard?

A. Absolutely James Tiberius Kirk.

The Strip
JULY 25, 2015
GOP Stunts for the Spotlight