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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Obama Is The Least Terrible American President Since FDR

Still terrible, of course -- especially when it comes to extrajudicial assassination via drones and anti-democratic crackdowns on conscientious whistle-blowers -- but I certainly have no misgivings at all in having voted for him twice. Nor will I have misgivings when I vote next year in the reasonable expectation that Hillary will be only a little more terrible than President Obama has been. Voting for a President is voting for the least bad alternative on offer to occupy the White House, which will have an occupant whether one votes or not. Voting isn't falling in love, picking a religion, or endorsing every idea or act of that President. Least terrible Presidents aren't the worst tools you can have in the toolkit of education, agitation, organization, and legislation through which progress toward sustainable equity-in-diversity is made. Sometimes, they're not even half bad.

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